The project "Educational farms"
Tenuta degli Angeli joined the project "Educational Farms" promoted by the Agriculture hunting and fishing in the province of Bergamo and it is inserted in the circuit of educational farms in the Lombardy region, where schools, families and the people in can discover the rural environment, the origin of foods and processing techniques of local products.This project has an important educational value to make known to young peolple the importance of the work of the farmer, "guardian" of the rich environment of the area. Direct contact with the rural world can arouse strong emotions in the young and help develop a greater knowledge of local resources, seasonality and direct knowledge of the production of many food rediscovering the path from farm to table, keeping alive a rich cultural heritage made of local traditions, good taste and respect for the environment and very warm atmosphere.

Objectives of the visit:

  • Knowing the history, the evolutionary process of wines.
  • Convey the meaning and importance of human work in respect of the environment
  • From grapes to wine: Learn the process of winemaking, fermentation and wine aging
  • Knowing the importance of the shape of the glasses to taste the best wine.
  • Develop concepts of botany, biology and proper nutrition
  • Learn about the winemaking process, fermentation and aging of the "Balsamo degli Angeli" (balsamic vinegar)
  • Recognize the herbs to make understand the importance and to know the beneficial properties resulting

Educational activities proposed

  • Visit the vineyards: the structure of the plant, the vegetative cycle, the most dangerous disease for life, human labor in the vineyard.
  • Harvesting and crushing grapes (September and October)
  • Visit the winery: from grapes to wine, machinery, barrels and techniques used for making wine and sparkling wine. The techniques of bottling and packaging of a bottle of wine (practical test)
  • Visit the vinegar in the attic of the farm and the small chemical laboratory
  • Pharmacists for a day search of medicinal herbs in the wild meadows company and small laboratory for the preparation of natural cosmetic creams
  • The stereoscope: to see what you can not bare with naked eye (I also use magnifying glasses)
  • Activities sensory analysis

Dates and duration of visits
Throughout the year. Views of a morning or an entire day.

The farm has big green space for games, educational activities, snack and/or lunch and a laundry room and indoor heated

Reception capacity
Up to 50 people

Contact the following numbers

+39 035 687 130


Roberta Head 348 366 7218
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

€ 8 per person for half-day visits
€ 12 per person for a full day of visits

How to reach the company
It is located 14 km from Bergamo
Motorway A4 exit Bergamo, follow Lovere / Sarnico
Motorway A4 exit Grumello / Telgate, follow to Bergamo

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