tenuta.jpgLegends and old wive’s tales stimulate fantasy, sometimes not far from the truth, and occasionally they can become a reality. Santo Stefano degli Angeli is the area. Tenuta degli Angeli (literally "Land of Angels") is the farm and Pierangelo is the name of the founder. Remember there is more to togetherness than simply a name, the name and good wine are synonymous. The quietness of the spot envelopes a mix of pure air from the hills that nourishes and cures the spirit. In Santo Stefano degli Angeli, the angels are in your home.

In 1984 Pierangelo Testa decided to place side-by-side in his yard "tri plok" (manufactured articles on cement with barrels for wine) an oasis of green in Valle Calepio in Carobbio Degli Angeli, two hectares of fertile ground. It is rich in marbled, grape trodden and fertile and from time immemorial reserved for wine growing. Here it is possible to produce palatable rural wines, very intense, with the bouquet of sweet Must (in early times producing not so good, naïve and a certain amount of raw wine). At one time the vineyard produced everything you could produce from grapes and the results weren’t exciting, but the wines from the Hill of Angels were alcoholic (about 13%).

Pierangelo Testa worked with intuition. Today you can find on the hill a wedding keepsake vineyard. It is a small expansion but it is very promising, vintage after vintage. Trees are chosen according to the characteristics of the ground, the climate and microclimate. The dream of Pierangelo Testa has transformed from a hobby into a real passion. This passion has been transmitted to his wife Manuela, to daughters Laura, Roberta and Maria who’s waiting Francesco, the last son, to follow closely his parent’s example. "The cellar is in the forefront, it is very functional, pleasant and suggests harmony. Here sacredness plays with silence and the "stoned" Angels are waiting for new events with anxiety."