Classic Method Gold Label
Sparkling white wine classic method, obtained by Chardonnay 100%
grapes with permanence on yeast minimum 36 months.

Notes of Wine Tasting
Slight white creamy and evanescent foam. Fine and continous pearliness. Pale intense yellow colour-elegant and fruit bouquet with fragrance of banana, raspberry and fresh ovule (precious italian mushroom).
Dry, citric, continous and equilibrated taste with light
sensation of backsense of almond.

Raw crostacei, marinated fish with with extra-virgin olive oil. Rice
with shellfish, grilled fish, spaghetti with garlic, extra-virgin olive
oil & chili pepper.

Alcohol degrees :12% Vol.
Type og calice :
Temperature of tasting : 8-10 Degrees
Suggested food : Fish; Meat

 Premio Concorso enologico internazionale 2008.
Verona,26-30 Marzo 2008
Chardonnay Spumante BRUT "DEGLI ANGELI" 2002