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Method of Production

Balsamo degli Angeli is a sweet and sour sauce with a delicious flavour and fragrance made with the same method as traditional Modenese balsamo. It is obtained from the must of aromatic grapes, cooked in an open vase and with direct fire. The fullness of flavour of the spice evolves when it is placed in the attic of the farm allowing the balsamo time to mature. The roof space is aerated, quiet and not subjected to the strong and sudden changes in temperature of the local area. Balsamo degli Angeli is available in three different types depending on the ageing period.

The barrels of mulberry tree, robina, cherry tree, chestnut tree, english oak and ash tree are the tools of maturation and refining. In these vintage wooden barrels the balsamo becomes vinegar as the result of a natural fermenting and oxidising process, which is very complex.
The production of the balsamo is slow, gradual and well controlled.

Balsamo degli Angeli
Vecchio(Sigillo Rosso)
Balsamo degli Angeli
Giovane (Sigillo Verde)
Balsamo degli Angeli
Extra Vecchio (Sigillo Oro)